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Terms & conditions of service

By accepting the offer the client claims to have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions of Service herein described, without the need of any subsequent act or approval.

  1. Sanctioned Goods Liability Clause: the Customer accepts full responsibility for all legal and financial consequences arising from the transportation or delivery of goods that may be under sanctions.
  2. The rates based on the weight of the goods specified in the request submitted by the Customer.
  3. The rates apply to the non-hazardous cargo only.
  4. The rates do not cover the costs that might endure due to processing procedures at the customs, e.g. customs fees, duties, taxes, VAT, and other mandatory payments. Aforementioned expenses and convoy and escort charges will be charged additionally;
  5. Any escort, escort fees, if necessary, are paid additionally.
  6. Provision of documents (invoice, packing and permissions) is the responsibility of the consignee/consignor.
  7. An order must contain the recipient’s contact information (contact person, phone number, address of the bonded warehouse, and e-mail).
  8. The recipient has no more than 4 hours to load or 12 hours to unload the truck after it arrives at the destination. If the recipient fails to unload the truck and return the documents confirming the unload to the driver within the defined period, the customer will be charged a demurrage fee amounting to EUR 150 per day thereof. The recipient is obliged to pay the charges related to importing customs formalities.
  9. It is necessary to indicate the value of goods, if you fail to indicate the value of goods in your inquiry, we reserve the right to recalculate our quotation due to price increase in relation to a convoy.
  10. For consolidated trucks in case of cargo inspection by Customs Union border authorities, the cost of handling operations along with detention charges are being split equally between all parties/clients involved unless a specific claim follows for any cargo & all costs to be paid by customer sent the order. For full truck loads Customer is responsible to cover the inspection handling and detention charges in full amount.
  11. The date of delivery means the date of truck arrival at the customs terminal.
  12. Unless agreed otherwise, shipments are delivered to customs terminal only.
  13. If a shipment is under a letter of credit, it is your duty to notify the relevant dispatchers and provide them with exact instructions before the start of the transportation.
  14. In the event of a claim, it is necessary to inform the relevant dispatcher forthwith and to provide evidence material for the damage occurrence: record/reservation in CMR, damage report signed by the driver and the recipient, photos of the damaged goods – caution: the photos must be taken on the truck before unloading and the number plate of the truck that has brought the damaged goods to the recipient must be legible.
  15. In case of a complaint related to the late delivery of the shipment is necessary to make a claim within 3 days from the receipt of shipment. Later complaints will not be accepted (according to the CMR convention).
  16. Shipment is insured by the CMR convention – 8,33 XDR/ 1 kg gross weight. If additional insurance is required it will be solved individually as per the request of the customer.
  17. If you do not agree with any point mentioned above contact the relevant dispatcher and agree to make an exception.

Order cancellation

  1. Cancellation of LTL order 4 hours or less prior to the scheduled loading, gives the right to Breitto to impose the 100 EUR fine onto the client.
  2. Cancellation of FTL order on the day of loading gives the right to Breitto to impose the 500 EUR fine onto the client.
  3. Planned pick up 3 days